Q: Is FamilyCast a not-for-profit? 

      A: Yes, we are. Under the hood, we’re supported by an extension of Focus on the Family Australia and we’re passionate about creating a space for wholesome and curated content the whole family can enjoy and be blessed by. It is early days, and we are still in the process of growing our library of content.

      It is a large investment to get a platform like this off the ground, and every subscription helps in our setup and growth of this platform. As we continue to grow, we plan to reinvest into more home-grown content, produced right here in Australia. We also are supported by and gain access to additional content through ‘Focus on the Family’ in the US and they will continue to support us also.

      Q: Is your content free or do I have to subscribe?

      A: All of the FamilyCast content is now free to access!

      When FamilyCast first launched, it was supported by subscribers – thank you to all those generous supporters who helped to launch and sustain the platform in its early days.

      Now, we want everyone to benefit from these resources and we will continue to grow the content library with more free programs. If you benefit from this content and are in a position to help, please consider making a donation through Focus on the Family Australia at families.org.au/donate to help great resources like FamilyCast grow and ensure all of the content remains free to access for all.

      Q: Do I have to subscribe? Is there content available for purchase? 

      A: All FamilyCast content is free to access for everyone. But if you’d like to give to help grow the library and cover the costs of establishing and maintaining the platform, we’d be very grateful for your generosity today.

      Q: What happens to content I have purchased if the FamilyCast website should close down?  

      A: We hope that day doesn't come and we can continue to provide your videos through the FamilyCast platform! However, should that day one day come around, we will happily provide access for you to download the video files in a digital format. 

      Q: Can I play this content with my small group or church? 

      A: Yes the platform is free and you are encouraged to share the content in a small group setting.

      This content is only made freely available, however, through the generosity of supporters of Focus on the Family Australia.

      And thank you for your support if your small group has the capacity to contribute to ensure this content continues to be available so families can be strengthened and thrive.

      Q: What devices can I access FamilyCast through? 

      A: FamilyCast is currently available on most devices, primarily through a web browser at www.familycast.com.au and on Android mobile devices through the Google App Store.

      Q: How is my data handled by FamilyCast? Is it safe? 

      A: We respect your privacy and handle your data with care. We use Stripe as our Credit Card Payments Platform and don't keep your credit card data on our servers. For more information about how we handle your data, our privacy policy can be here: www.familycast.com.au/pages/pr... 

      Contact the FamilyCast Team

      To get in touch with our team with any FamilyCast-related questions, support or feedback, please email us at: hello@familycast.com.au

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